Josee Hunter

CEO and Director of Care


About Josee

Josée Hunter, a Registered Practical Nurse and a Nursing Foot and Lower Limb Specialist, is the passionate CEO and Director of Care at Happy Feet Medical Foot Care Inc and Happy Feet Workshops and Supplies. Her vision centers around the importance of preventative care and enhancing the quality of life within her community, not just through direct patient care, but also through comprehensive nursing education.

Inspired by the generosity of her career mentors, Josée strongly believes in the "Pay it Forward" philosophy, supporting her team in delivering the highest level of care with exceptional outcomes. Her hands-on approach to education and enthusiasm for teaching make her an incomparable guide for those seeking to achieve their educational goals.

Beyond the classroom, Happy Feet's clinics serve as practical learning environments, providing hands-on workshops and ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

Under Josée's leadership, Happy Feet Medical Foot Care Inc extends its services across 2 clinics, 11 care facilities, and also includes home care and outpatient care. The practice employs a diverse team of specialists and staff, who all reflect Josée's commitment to continuous learning and knowledge expansion in the healthcare profession.


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